Xiaomi Mi7 Full Phone Specs and Features, Release Date, Price

We all have witnessed that new brands like Xiaomi can bring a huge influence and vivid change in the mobile arena. Now in this world of upgrading technology and engaging Smartphone war between huge brands like Samsung, iPhone and more. Xiaomi has stood out with its winning series, Mi Series which has made not only great sales but has increased the brand levels to a great height. Recently Xiaomi has released their flagship device Xiaomi Mi 5 which was a master piece indeed and we are now waiting for the next series to be released. This article mainly focused on Xiaomi Mi7 news and updates only.

It’s been a long time coming, but it seems like 2017 will finally be the year the Chinese start-up makes its mark on the international community with the Xiaomi Mi7. The Xiaomi Mi7 looks to be one of the best smartphones of 2017.

It is expected that next generation Mi7 Xiaomi will posses larger screen around 5.3 inches that supports, 4GB RAM, upto 128 GB or more storage, 4K resolution, 25 MP camera and the most important – Snapdragon 830 processor with 3.0 GHz super fast speed. This will be amazing to have such Xiaomi mi7 specifications, as it will distinguish Mi7 smartphone among other premium smartphones releasing in 2017.

Xiaomi Mi7 Specification

Mi7 will prove to give consumers better visuals, more power, an amazing camera, longer battery life, and an even sexier design. Consumers searching for getting much more packed into a sleeker, sexier smartphone.

Xiaomi Mi7 2017
Image Source : Google.com

Mi7 Screen

One of the biggest rumors surrounding the new specification of the Mi7 is that we’ll be seeing a 5.3” screen. There’s still uncertainty if we’ll see a UHD or full 4K resolution although the difference will be minimal. A UHD resolution would mean 3840 x 2160 while true 4K would mean a resolution of 4096 x 2160. Either way, we can expect one of the best visual displays seen in any 2017 smartphone.

Mi7 Retina Scanner

In Mi7 Xiaomi there will be retina scanner that will be more secure than today’s finger print scanner. As of now smartphones have fingerprint scanners that scans finger prints and unlock smartphones. It will unlock Mi7 by scanning the retina of eye. It’s completely secure and fast as well.

Processor Xiaomi Mi7

Xiaomi Mi7 Processor
Image Source : Google.com

Expect to see a Qualcomm Snapdragon SoC found powering the Mi7, but we’re not sure if we’ll see the 820 or 830 processor. Xiaomi Mi7 processor will come standard with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 SoC as I know through rumors. But still hoping I’ll see the next generation processor.

Leaks suggesting the 830 SoC IS ready for mass production by smartphone manufacturers by early summer of 2017 which gives us hope we’ll see it in the Mi7.


Storage is always been a concern for smartphone user. Xiaomi mi7 will provide a wide range of storage options. It will be available in 32GB, 64GB, 128GB and also an external card slot to expand its double its storage. Actually external card slot is a things which Xiaomi’s user are concerned. Many users asking for external card slots in all Xiaomi mobiles and Xiaomi is also taking care just for its user need. This shows that how Xiaomi is concerned about its user by explore its forums and feedbacks.

Camera Features of Xiaomi Mi7

Rumors tells that Mi7 Xiaomi will have 25 MP rear and 8 MP font camera. Camera quality is already awesome in comparison to Apple and Samsung but still they are improving a lot.

Optical image stabilization will also added the new features to its camera by Xiaomi. Its also rumored that Xiaomi Mi7 is working in 3D technology  in its Mi7 Xiaomi.

Xiaomi Mi7’s Expected Release Date

Its is rumored that Mi7 Xiaomi will be release in 3rd quarter of 2017 next year.. So we are not sure the exact Xiaomi Mi7 release date.

But if we see from an angle where Xiaomi is competing with smartphone giant Apple and Samsung than we can assume that Xiaomi will launch Mi7 Xiaomi in near about September or October starting, as both the above smartphones  companies launches its smartphones at this time and compete with each other too.

Xiaomi Mi7 Price in India, China, Bangladesh and Other countries

Its expected that Xiaomi Mi7 mobile price in Bangladesh will be 50000 Taka. In India will be 30000 Rupees. Price in China will be 3550 Yuan. Price in Singapore will be 729.920 Singapore Dollar. Xiaomi has increased the price of its smartphones as they are becoming more popular with quality and time.  It’s fine as they are providing great products in less price as compare to big brands like Apple and Samsung.

Let me conclude this article on Xiaomi Mi7 price update which seems to be pretty clear. But the last thing I can say is that, the product price is very much mid reserved when other devices with same features and specifications are sold at higher prices. So, if you want to buy any smartphone with middle range in 2017, then you would buy Xiaomi Mi7 will be the best one.

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