Samsung Galaxy S8 Release Date, Price, Features and Specification

Samsung’s innovative and excellent quality products like Samsung Galaxy s8 with their innovative marketing initiatives. Consequently, that have contributed to the attainment of the brand globally.

Result of Brand Value Survey

In the brand value survey of Business Week and Inter brand, Samsung Electronics ranked 19th among the top 100 global brands. Samsung has ranked high amongest surveys undertaken by leading agencies.  Such as The Economic Times, Financial Express, Readers Digest and Business Today. Samsung is trustable as well as the aspirational brand.  In the consumer durable and mobile categories related to its ‘Flaunt Factor’ attributes like quality, brand reputation and imagery.

S8 A trending smartphone also

Most trending upcoming smartphone by Samsung is Samsung Galaxy S8. Here you will get all the relevant news of Samsung Galaxy S8. Release date, price, features and the specification you can know by this article. Samsung Galaxy S8 is an awesome smartphones of Samsung Company. Samsung Galaxy S8 will be release on April, 2017. I know that, many of you are eagerly waiting for Samsung Galaxy S8’s releasing date.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Leaked Pictures
Samsung Galaxy S8 (Image Source : Technofres)

Samsung Galaxy S8 Release Date April 2017

One of the best smartphone of Samsung company is Samsung Galaxy S8. May be, after releasing, this phone will rule the entire smartphone market. According to rumors and most of the reports Samsung is working with their marketing strategy by delaying the date.  May be it is one of the correct decision for them. May be this delay will increase their sales.

News Related with Samsung Galaxy S8

It  supposed that Samsung would emerge the new phone at MWC 2017, Barcelona’s annual technology trade show, in late February. But Samsung has assured that won’t be the case. Analysts are now looking towards an April disclose, as Samsung works hard to ensure there aren’t any Galaxy Note 7-style battery issues with the new phone.

The Wall Street Journal confides a launch event will be held in New York in late March. A  Forbes report circulated in January pointed to April 14, 2017 as the prospective launch date.

We’ve also seen a report from South Korea’s ET News claiming that the phone will be revealed in New York on March 29, and made available in stores on April 21.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Price in India and other countries

Let talk about what will be the price? This smart phone will have price of 1166 Australians Dollars in Australia. This smartphone will have price of 5275 Chinese Yuan in China. The price of this smartphone will be $850 in America. Austrian people will get the phone at 775 Euro. Canadian people have to spend 1117 Canadian dollars. Indian people will get the phone at 54,387 Rupees. Though, all of the prices are expected. So, You can keep touch with us to make sure about the updates of Samsung Galaxy S8.

Key Features of Samsung Galaxy S8

The Samsung Galaxy S8 may be just one month away, and so there’s no lack of rumors.

Especially the good news is that Samsung  already used for the Galaxy S8 trademark.  Which may mean a launch is approximate. Early in January, Samsung filed for ownership of the branding, citing smartphones, tablets, cables, and phone cases as the sorts of items it could be applied too. Despite the fiery Note 7 PR debacle, it seems Galaxy isn’t going away any time soon. Especially, there’s plenty of new S8 talking points. For instance, it’s expecting that we’ll see two variants of the Galaxy S8, small and big. In addition, the larger version is, according to Evan Blass, going to be called the Galaxy S8+, and both versions will reportedly have an ‘Edge’ style display – flat screens beg one.

Saying of Les Santiago, Research Director for analyst firm IDC.

“By bringing optical sensing technology with the right form factor and power consumption envelope to smart phones and tablets, Synaptics is enabling the removal of the Home button, which is a critical next step to full top-to-bottom, edge-to-edge smartphone and tablet displays,” says Les Santiago, Research Director for analyst firm IDC.

Most noteworthy, Samsung  used Synaptics fingerprint sensors on earlier flagship smartphones, including the Galaxy S8. So that makes it even more likely that this new sensor will make it to a future Samsung handset. With those leaks in mind, a new concept render has been created by the appropriately named Concept Creator, which offers a quirky vision of Samsung’s next flagship smartphone.


Most noteworthy,  the Galaxy S8  guarantee to flaunt some of 2017’s latest and greatest mobile hardware. Samsung is keeping a tight veil on details.

  • 5/5.7 inch quad HD super AMOLED Always On bezel-less display with a dual curved edge.
  • Android 7.1Nougat with Touch Wiz and Viv AI assistant.
  • Processor will be Qualcomm Snapdragon 835/Exynos8895.
  • Ram will be 6GB/8GB.
  • Amazing dual camera.
  • Selfie camera having an autofocus feature.
  • It will have USB-C with support for digital audio, replacing 3.5 mm headphone jack.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Specification

Especially, Samsung  planning a major design overhaul for this year’s Galaxy S8. Particularly, a report from Korea’s ET News says Samsung wants to ditch the Home button, compact its functionality into the display instead – just like Apple’s rumored iPhone 8. Samsung allegedly wants to do this to “fill the entire front of the Galaxy S8 with just screen”.

Most of all have heard a rumor that the Galaxy S8 may have significantly smaller bezels than the Galaxy S7. Speaking to The Investor, Park Won-sang a Principal Engineer for Samsung Display, said that the company was aiming to launch an OLED display with a greater-than 90% screen-to-body ratio. He went on to publish that Samsung hoped to create a handset with a 99% screen-to-body ratio in the next few years. For contrast, most phones currently have an average ratio of

S8 Screen, RAM, SD Support, Battery

Samsung Galaxy S8 will come to rule the smartphone market, with an amazing qualities like 5.3 inch OLED and 4K resolution screen. Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge will have 6 GB RAM. The storage will have 64 GB with 256GB Micro SD support, 3600 mAh Non Removable battery of S8 and 4200 mAh Non Removable battery for S8.

Especially, it will have a lot of key features which will attract the users to use this smartphone. As a result, this device will look most attractive. Finally, Keep in touch with us to know the future update regarding Samsung Galaxy S8.

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